Just watched LOTR why have I got black bars top & bottom on my widescreen tv ??


Ray Von

I have a JVC 28 inch widescreen and the film in the special edition boxed set, yet its got the black bars top and bottom I thought the whole point of widescreen was to remove this, I can use the zoom feature on my tv to fill the screen but then the picture looks stretched and doesnt seem right.

any ideas ??



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No, it depends on the aspect ratio of the move LOTR has aratio of 1:2.35 so bars top and bottom. If you watch a dvd with a ratio of 1:1.85 (look on the back cover of dvd) no black bars. HTH

Nyquil Driver

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The 'whole point' of owning a widescreen TV is being able to watch any of the regular ratios (4:3/16:9/21:9) with minimal borders. Older TV shows (and a lot of current U.S shows) will be 4:3 (1.33:1), wheras films will generally be either 16:9 (1.85:1) or the 'wider-than-widescreen' 21:9 (2.35:1).

As highlanders said, If your equipment is set-up properly, then films made with a 2.35:1 ratio will still be shown with small borders on a 1.85:1/16:9 (Widescreen) TV. On a 4:3 set these borders are stupidly huge though! so I don't understand how anyone can complain. On a Widescreen TV, 4:3 & 21:9 stuff is designed to be shown with comparitively small borders and obviously 16:9 stuff will fill the screen completely. On a 4:3 set only 4:3 stuff is shown fully and as I said earlier, 2.35:1 stuff is a complete joke (there's as much black as there is picture!).

So unless the ratio is a true 16:9 effort (like the 1.85:1 preferred by many broadcasters these days) then the image won't fill the screen. You can't expect the screen to be filled by an image composed in a DIFFERENT shape!. You can use zooms and different screen-modes if you really wanted to, but I think the main benefit of WS TV's is the fact that you can watch any ratio satisfactorily, so it would be stupid to cut bits off.


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My way of looking at it, is that its not that your loosing "screen real-estate" by having black bars, but gaining the advantage of a wider presentation.

My 2 euros.


Ray Von

yeh thanks guys, I'm new to this home cinema thing and I thought it may have been my tv or something, but thanks for clearing that one.

I wasn't winding you up I didn't know.

I may upgrade my tv, I want to go widescreen as big as possible so I'm either looking at a CRT 36in or a RP 42" ,

I play alot of playstation 2 games at the minute, what would be the best option, buget is around £1000-1500 max



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It's only obvious when you know.Sometimes it gets forgotten that it is new to some people.


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I spend more time explaining this question than any other in the AV or computer area and its amazing even when you have explained it some still don't get it. :confused:

gmt steve

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The reason that a screen aspect ratio of 16:9 was chosen for Widescreen TV, is that this ratio is exactly half way between 4:3 at one extreme, and 21:9 at the other.
So the Widescreen TV is a jack of all trades and a master of none.
The only ratio that actually fits the screen is 1:1.78 which most modern TV shows should be produced in.

John Jennings

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Just wondering...

Why not say 7:3 instead of 21:9... it'd make more sense to me, and more easy to make the comparision with 4:3. Or alternatively, why not say 12:9 instead of 4:3.. that way all aspect ratios would be easily comparable...

Sensing I may have said something stupid, but can't immediately see it!


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......or express everything as a ratio to 1

eg 1.33:1 (aka 4x3)
1.77:1 (aka 16x9)

and so on....

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