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just watched: eye of the beholder

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by BigN, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. BigN

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    Feb 16, 2004
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    was flicking through the channels to see if anything decent was on and came across this 10 mins in.
    checked program info and saw ashley judd and ewan mcgregor so thought i'd sit back and give it a chance, 5 mins and the channel surfing would begin if nothing appealed...

    next thing i know movie ends....

    what a thought provoking and memsmerising film.

    beautiful filmed with some enchanting scenes and acting so good you just get lost in the film. lots of symbolism and suggestion on many levels too.
    speaking of which the story leaves a lot for the viewer to fill in and interact with to fill the gaps, of which there are many - and i suppose you could loosly call plot twists, though i suppose some may call plot holes, i imagine that this was intentional and if so it worked a treat allowing the viewer to customise the film with "his" own thoughts.
    from scene to scene it was all well crafted and with the accompanying soundtrack drew the viewer into a world of thought and "logical" confusion which added to the experience.

    the way in which ewans character was drawn in from start to finish and his evolving relantioship was haunting, perhaps almost more than judd's character who was perhaps a tool or vehicle for ewans character to change and fixate his "obsession".

    the only thing that spolied it for me was missing the first few minutes and missing what was sasid at the end but i got the drift, or at least i thibk i did...

    still thinking about it now and wondering if i absolutley loved the film or just missed the whole point and fantasised about a really boring film, imaganing that its really good. But in doing so at least the film was certainly thought provoking and a nice change from the usual hollywood crap. watched predator and red heat recently and loved them but this film was certainly a welcome change.
    i like it when a late night movie turns into an unexpeted surprise, just like hollywood confidential and to live and die in la which i also caught "accidentaly" the past few weeks which led me to put posts up too.

    anyway just wondered if anyone else watched it and what they thought, also what was said at the end...?


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