Just though I would share my experience of a Divx Player

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    Just though I would reccomend a good Divx player.

    I have a Yamada 6100. It works like a charm. DVD picture quality is good but the contrast range is not as good as my DVD only players (Philips Q50 and Panasonic RA82) But it is certainly good for the price.

    It has 6 channell out sound and I have it in the bedroom going through a Creative 5:1 speaker package (for computers really) so it gives me DVD/Divx? and Dolby Digital sound in the bedroom which is really nice. (And wachable at late night low volumes)

    It will play, all Divx (it is certified) all Mpeg1 and 2 and comes up with a folder view when you have multiple types on one DVD.

    The price? = £80 from amazon.co.uk . The speakers can be picked up for £40. So imagine dolby digital in the bedroom with Divx for just £120.



    PS. If you get one get the latest firmware from ( http://www.digitalathome.com/cgi-bin/forumdisplay.php?fid=1&page=1 )

    Dated December.

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