Just tested my Pioneer DV400S Wow!


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Connected this machine up last night via component and HDMI for puposes of comparison! What an absolute bargain for £79.00! Picture quality via HDMI is more colourful and detailed, but with more grain - via component it is smooth, still very detailed and extremely watchable! The machine is built well for the money, looks of good quality and built to last, at least until I am ready to buy a Blu-ray player (maybe next year, although I will see what this christmas brings). In terms of comparison, I believe HDMI output on this machine gives Blu-ray a run for it's money, definately, definately worth it! Also I would say better than Sony's NS76 & 78 machines. This is only the second DVD player I have bought and actually kept! My first one was a Sony DVP-336S back in 1997 and it's still going strong apart from sometimes refussing to palyer the freebie DVDs from national newspapers! (rant over!)

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