Just starting out - one system or two?


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I'm just starting out and I'm trying to decide on what kind of setup I should be looking at. We're a family of iPhone users so I'm going to rule out Google - which leaves Apple Homekit & Amazon.

Are there any reasons why you can't (or shouldn't) have both?

I currently have a HomePod mini - and I like the idea that I can operate it remotely without having to take my phone out of my pocket.

Alexa also has some benefits in my eyes - the units are cheaper, and if I was to put one in all rooms where I think we'd use them I'll be buying 9 of them! I know I'll need the main Echo and not just the Dot - but I really dont like the design of it as it looks like I'll be putting a football on display! I don't really care for the Alexa app either but once things are set up I doubt I'll need to access it all that often.

FWIW - I plan on getting only thread devices so that they can be controlled by both Apple & Alexa.

I've bought a couple of Philips hue bulbs which I havent been impressed with and plan on sending them back.

Do either of these ecosystems allow for setting up user privelege's? I want to restrict the kids from fiddling with anything thats not in their own bedrooms!

At the moment I'm only looking to set up lighting, but I'll be looking at heating and electrical sockets further down the line.

My current thinking is to use the homepod for automation, but use Alexa for voice controls due to the range of skills available.

thanks in advance.


we are a homeful of Apple and Amazon Alexas.....but I actually use HomeAssistant to bring them all together.

I did have a Homepod mini but returned it as just couldn't get on with it due to issues and in fairness, it rarely got used with a house full of Sonos as well

Now I would say that if all devices work on both ecosystems, it would make sense to pick one and stick with it.

You say you would need the full Echo in each room as opposed to the Dots...assume you'd be using them as speakers as well?

I personally have both Ecos and use Homeassistant to control pretty much everything and it works well.....its not a 5 second setup though


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We have both Apple Home and Alexa.

Echo’s in each of the bedrooms, garage and kitchen (8 in total), with a decent Sonos surround setup in the lounge. Single Home Pod as a HomeKit hub. I have over a hundred smart home devices, including every light-switch (mix of lightwave and Shelly), lamp and outdoor lights, various sensors etc.

Started with Alexa, but quickly moved into to Homekit for home automation. 50% of the time decices are controlled with switches, sensors or the home app, and these all work better with HomeKit. Alexa doesn’t really do full automation, at least I not properly, just ‘routines’ which are ok to start with. If apple made a decent smart speaker I would drop Alexa, but as far as smart speakers go Echos are still the best and we use them for voice control, kitchen radio and kids music. I always try and buy products that work with both, but I run Homebridge from dives that don’t (like Shelly).

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