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Good morning all,new member here just starting out on my journey.I have been going around in circles for the last couple of weeks looking at various speakers and avr's,stereo amps etc and really I'm still none the wiser😁.

I think I know what I am looking for but not sure how to get there,I don't really know if what I have been looking at is overkill/underkill..wheter it would work well or am I wasting money without looking for help.

I would like to get to a stage where I would have an ok setup for both stereo(streaming music on tv from youtube) and surround sound for watching movies with the family and playing games(ps4)

I do not have alot of floorspace,the room size is 12'x15'.there is a chimney breast on the 12' wall that comes back into the room 2',it is 6' wide with 3' away from the left and right side.My tv is mounted on this chimney breast above the fireplace so this will be where my front speakers will be.

I was looking at the klipsch rp 640 d wall mounted speakers for possibly the front 3 speakers as they would be out of the way mounted on the chimney breast but I dont know if I would be better off with floorspeakers or something like the rp 600m speakers on stands for the music side of things.I really don't have a clue though and am completley open to suggestions.

Eventually I would like to have a 5.1 system but for starters I would like to get the 2ch stereo side of things in motion.When I do get onto adding surrounds,sub,centre and avr,I'm thinking that the rear surrounds might have to be ceiling speakers just so they are out of the way.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post as I'm looking for so much info/experience however I've read that you should choose speakers first to suit the room and work from there for suitable amps etc

Wall mounted fronts would be preferable but if there is a big compromise on performance,I would be open to something else.

I'm thinking budget for stereo amp and front L/R up to around £1500 but very happy to spend less😁

Thanks for reading

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