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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Reiner, Apr 15, 2002.

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    While going around and trying to find a dealer to audition a DVD Receiver I spotted the new Denon AVR-A1SR (gold) in a shop, had a label with 76489 on it - that couldn't be the price, could it?

    No, it wasn't but the actual price of TWD99,000.00 wasn't too bad then, that's around GBP2000 / EUR3210 only. Very tempting.

    Also saw a Tag Mac pre-power combo for TWD128,000 and 122,000 respectively (or vice versa, can't remember but it was 250,000 in total), looked very nice in black. Very tempting, too.


    In case you wonder: the Onkyo DVD Receiver (DR-2000) supposingly suffers from overheating and wasn't anywhere available, the new Denon AVD-700 wasn't even heard off. :(

    Oh what will I do? End up with a second system (AVC-A1/11SR) and another 5 speakers - or get a "cheap" all in one system?
    Or go the pre-power route as I planned it anyway?
    What speakers then? My fav (Dynaudio Contour) are too expensive here, double of what you pay in Singapore. :eek:

    So many questions and no answers ....

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