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I have a 9,6 foot room in my flat that I use for HS and only that. The sound is supllyed buy a full 7.1 system. Denon 3802, Sony 7700 DVD player, B&W cdm speakers the full ball of wax but only a panasonic TX-32PK1 TV as a display so the sound total out ways the the visauls. so I am looking for a DLP projector I am have buget of abount £4.000 in mined my proplem is this I am not sure what to go for I have seen a couple of projectors in action a LCD and a DLP. I did not like the LCD Chicking wire affect so I leaning to twards the DLP but doint like the rainbow affect that can give. Is there one out there that will give me the best of both worlds ?



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Hal, I believe the Panasonic AE300 is your answer. It has absolutely NO screendoor (aka chickenwire), great color, great blacks, great shadow detail, short throw distance and is cheap. It also works very well with PAL. You will however have to buy it from pricejapan.com if you want it anytime soon.

The "smooth screen technology" that Panasonic has implemented in this LCD projector works ver well indeed.

ps. you can use the left over change for stocking up on a great range of DVDs...


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