Just setup wireless adapter

Hi guys, i just bought a wireless adapter, and i am online, so it is working with my 360 good!! But what i was wanting to know, does this affect your connection, or make it weaker while playing online??
are you sure because my PC has built on wireless, and i used it and it said the speed was 54Mbps, then when i used wired connection it said 100Mbps, so i think it might affect xbox live too!! Anybody willing to give an explanation?


That doesn't matter for the 360 xbox live as it can only be as fast as your internet connection which is no where near 56 or 100mb. That number shows thats the max rate of transfer down the wire or through the air in the wireless' case
ok i see what you mean, so if i hosted a match, then it would still have as strong a connection as it would if it was wired?


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Gaming on the 360 doesnt use anywhere near the 54mb bandwidth. Havng said that, if you are on a cable connection the modem itself is limited to 10mb anyway on most providers.

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