Just seen @ the cinema: Red Dragon


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Remake or a new film about the same book? Well, it does star Anthony Hopkins and thus complements "The Silence of the Lambs" (excellent!) and "Hannibal" (not-so-good).

Edward Norton portrais a retired FBI agent who gets drawn into a serial murder case as advisor. Of course he goes further into the case then just advising and finally asks Dr. Lecter for help.

AH makes quite a tired impression to me and though EN plays quite well I think he is too young for the role.
However Ralph Fiennes makes a good "Red Dragon", yet he can't reach the original "Manhunter" (IMHO).

That said the movie is quite gripping, especially if you don't know the story (haven't seen Manhunter or read the book). In any case it's good entertainment well worth seeing.

* * * * out of 5


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Saw manhunter some time ago and really enjoyed it at the time.

has a VERY Miami Vice feel to it though... not surprising though as its Micheal Mann.


I heard its better than manhunter, but Edward Norton puts in a below average performance :(.

Any Edward Norton fans should checkout his unbelieable performance in 'Primal Fear'. Im not a fan of Richard Gere but the movie is great.

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