Just seen @ the cinema: Changing Lanes


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Starring: Benny Afleck and Samuel L. Jackson

Ben plays a young attorney involved in a traffic accident with an alcoholic. Normally their paths wouldn't have crossed but when they do Ben looses an all important document.
Sam get's pretty upset as Ben leaves the scene of the accident to quickly and thus refuses to return that document. So both start to use more drastic measures to make their point with more or less success.
However, and that isn't obvoius in the preview, there is more to this movie so expect some twist.

I found it quite entertaining and the ending is quite acceptable, too, though perhaps nothing really special.
A movie for those who like thrillers without non-stop action.

* * * 1/2 out of 5

Squirrel God

I bought the R1 a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed it. Didn't think there were really any twists though (or nothing major anyway). :)


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I also bought this DVD a few weeks ago. It was a pleasant enough film and I will probably watch it again. It didnt have the impact I was expecting though, I thought it would be more like Falling Down. After a second viewing I doubt I will be bothering to see it again.


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Really liked it. Nice to have some average joe characters to follow, neither hero or anti-hero, instead of usual the good-guy and the bad-guy stuff. That's what makes it work.

Drunken Master

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I to saw the DVD I thought it seemed to drag on. I won't be watching it again, Affleck sucks!!


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Didn't think there were really any twists though

Agree, didn't know how to express it otherwise without giving it away ...


I think this isnt a bad film, but could of been really good if they replaced Ben Afleck with someone else (he seems too wooden/false!) and spiced up some of the action scenes between Jackson and 'Afleck' with some more plot twists.

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