Just seen: Swordfish (R1)

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Reiner, Nov 29, 2001.

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    Well, it did finally arrive from www.dvdboxoffice.com after about 3 weeks (strangely it was shipped from France and not Canada) and I couldn't wait to watch it but had to be patient for a few days as my friends wanted to join.
    In short we all enjoyed it (I had seen it at the cinema before) and the sound effects were cool, specifially the explosion in the beginning making lot's of use of the rear effects.
    And yes, I finally got to see Halle's berries as it was uncensored (compared to the cinema). :D

    Travolta's coolness remains a matter of debate as does the hacking, but who cares - no movie is perfect or 100% accurate.

    Trivia: the first hacker supposingly plays a Finish national (and carries a name similar to the inventor of the Linux operating system) but carries two German passports (the green one being the old one, the red on the new EU standarized one) and does speak German during the police interrogation, including to his lawyer.
    Probably because it was so bad that's why they had to shoot him ... ;)

    There are a couple of extras on the disc, too, and though the movie doesn't come close to the like of Face/Off, The Matrix or The Rock it's IMHO highly enjoyable and one of the better movies in this year.

    Picture: ****
    Sound: ****
    Movie: ****

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