Just seen Sony 32MRX1 for £1500!



I was looking for a new LCD tv about 7-8 months ago (and spent alot of time on these forums gathering priceless information) but decided to leave it a bit to let the new technology and prices settle down.

Just started to think about it again, really like the look of the Sony KDL-V32A12 and the Panny LXD500 but just went into Curry's in Manchester to have a little look around and they have the Sony 32MRX1 for £1500! Is this a normal price for this stunning set these day's or not? A few months ago is was over £3k. I know it hasn't got HDMI etc., but still a stunner.

Not sure if I should snap it up or not...
thats quite cheap,ive seen it for £1999.99 its a shame it hasnt got hdmi but you should be ok through component for HD :thumbsup: about 12months ago it was £3.5k

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