Just Seen Signs


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Anyone seen signs yet?
What an amazing movie. I really enjoyed this. Funny and scary it really got my heart racing and not to OTT either.
Best film ive seen at the cinema this year!:)


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That sounds promising :). I've been looking forward to this one. Is it released tomorrow?


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Yeah its on general release tomorrow
I was not the only one who seemed to enjoy it people were laughing or gasping and in one case screaming all the way through the movie.
It was all to much for the woman next to me and her bloke had to leave with her before the end I bet he is bitter as hell about that.
Fourtunatly for me my mrs is less easily startled than I am:)


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Well, I thought (hoped) that The Time Machine was going to be the worst film I saw this year. Saw Signs at a preview last night and realised I was wrong.

Positive points: There are some funny moments. And that's it.

Some of the funny moments are unintentional, and some of the intentional ones serve to destroy any tension that's been building. Mel Gibson's character was completely flat and unengaging for me. OK, he was suffering from severe depression, but he seemed detached and totally unemotional throughout almost the whole movie which made it hard for me to get interested in the events going on around him. And Shyamalan is never going to find another child performer like HJO. The kids were pretty terrible.

I couldn't see the point to this film at all. I left with the impression that MKS can wipe his backside on a sheet of paper, call it a script, and have studios falling over themselves to throw millions at him to turn it into a film. Can't last though.

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