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Missed the beginning but it's a Canadian production, most likely for TV though I did spot a "Dolby Digital at selected theatres only" during the credits.

Anyhow, here is the short review:

A white collar worker gets mugged while walking through a park in the later afternoon. However he is not willing to pay and knocks the guy down, just to face his gang friends who chase him up a tree - literally.
So there he sits and has to defend himself as they threaten to beat him up in revenge for their hurt mate - if they can get him down, something which proofs rather difficult.
He however tries to find their weaknesses and attempts to turn them against each other and discredit their leader called Sharc.
Unfortunately they aren't that stupid and also catch him on a few occassions admitting to not being as perfect as he wants to be.
The misterious "Raven" who roams the park at night adds to the suspense, making me think I am actually watching a horror movie.

It all lasts until the sunrise during the next morning when a gun comes into play ...

Now some of you may think watching a guy sitting in a tree for the better part of 90 minutes must be pretty boring, but I found it highly entertaining if not gripping due to all the twists and turns in the characters.

* * * * * out of 5

PS: If you know the title, please feel free to post. Couldn't recall any of the names to look it up at IMDB ...


Originally posted by Reiner
That's the one - and even available on DVD! :)
Thanks, much appreciated.

No problem... it actually looks really good and based on your review I think I'm going to order a copy. I like original-ish stuff like that and the premise sounds right up my alley.

Cheers for the tip :)

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