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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Reiner, Nov 26, 2000.

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    In case you overlooked this in my reply to Timh:

    Set it Off (1996)

    Mentioned in Duncan's thread before that I saw a part on it on TV (SAT) and upon that I ordered the DVD.
    Now it's here and it seems I missed a bit more than the 30 minutes like I thought but at least I now understand why those 4 women start robbing banks. And I can see the uncensored version now, too!
    Won't say much more but let's just say I like movies without happy end.
    Very nice indeed, rather a drama than an action flick but there are enough robberies / shootings and chases to keep your sound system busy (DD 5.1) and the picture is excellent, too.
    DVD features both widescreen and fullscreen version, selectable via menu - no flipping required, hardly any extras though personally I don't mind that.

    Movie: ****
    Sound: ****
    Picture: ****
    Extras: **

    Perfect Blue (Manga)

    My first Manga (Jap. cartoon) movie I have seen at all. Was a kind of a "risk-order".
    Rated 2nd best after the famous "Akira" (not released yet) and supposingly a could-be mix between Hitchcock and Disney it uses plain / simple 2-D graphics but still manages to draw you into the story which slowly develops.
    In fact this movie requires your full attention else you may not understand (and I must admit I need to watch it at least once more) what's going on.
    Got a nice plot twist at the end where the killer is revealed though of course I will not give the ending away here ...
    Ah, and it's a bit of adult orientated, nothing for the kiddies!
    There are several soundtracks (incl. English DD5.1) on the disc though there is not much use of the surrounds and the LFE - so my first impression.
    Picture quality is good since cartoons look anyhow good on DVD, but then again it's not perfect though it will not make you enjoy the movie less. Several Extras are included, too.

    Movie: ****
    Sound: ***
    Picture: ***
    Extras: ***

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