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Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by dannycox, Dec 27, 2001.

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    Well as a fan of Guy Ritchie and vinnie jones in "Lock Stock"and "Snatch"SUPERB MOVIES.
    I thought mean machine would have been another clever and interesting movie????

    I Was Wrong

    The film is about an ex England Football Captain(Jones).
    His career takes a dive and too cut a long story short he ends up in prison.
    He gets accepted in the prison by training a load of cons how to play football for a match against the "screws".
    Some good violent scenes and a bit of humour so its not total crap!!!!!
    The film is very predictable with some funny scenes but not quite there usual standard.
    It would have been good had they not made lock stock and snatch.This movie had alot too live up too!!!!!!!!
    My advice is wait and rent it on dvd when it comes out and dont waste your money in the cinema.

    Its a shame really but hey they cant all be as good as the last two.

    Dan C (plymouth)

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