Just Seen Jason X I Feel Violated

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by SILVERBACK, Jul 29, 2002.


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    Aug 13, 2001
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    i seen some terrible stuff in my time usually what i borrowed of a mates but this is atrocious.first sign wasnt good we walked into the cinema me an 4 mates an it was empty.ok i thought maybe every one has seen it who wanted to lol.nope its because every body on the planet knew it was total ar.se an we didnt i was pis.sing myself 30 mins into the film its just terrible i cant stress strongly enough bad actors worse effects an the script.i know its a no brainer but god if i could have gouged my eyes out i would have.this is one line that stuck in my mind after killing close to a dozen people all marines BY THE WAY. he corners one guy who quickly talks to him an then shouts to the rest of the crew who have all done one "ITS OK HE JUST WANTS HIS MACHETE BACK" to add insult to injury on the way out the poster for the film had reviews an EMPIRE said it was thrilling sharply writen an scary lmao er ok then :mad: five quid for that load if crap unbelievable lol

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