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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Reiner, May 28, 2002.

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    Oh man, I must have been bored to actually go to the cinema and pay for seeing a Star Wars movies.
    Guess I was too young when the originals came out and never got caught by the hype. Watched E1 on VCD and found it crap.
    Now some people here have rated E2 highly and some of my friends recommended it, too, so I thought I check it out.

    I still can't understand why people would camp for days in front of the cinema just to be the first to see it but I don't want to change anyones view or force mine onto them, so let's not touch that.
    But indeed it was a quite entertaining if not good movie, nearly peed into my (empty) coke bottle because I had an urge but didn't want to leave the cinema. ;)

    Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen made a nice couple but best was IMHO the music, just beautiful. Might actually get the soundtrack later.
    The movie moved at a fast pace and kept well entertained, not boring at all and no annoying characters this time.

    So what's bad? Don't kill me but I thought the SFX were pretty poor, or rather average only. Too obvious the painted backgrounds and CGI in some places (especially the alien creatures).
    Good CGIs are the one's which blend in with the real world thus you won't notice them, and in other movies we have seen better.

    Anyhow, if E3 can beat this I might actually go out and see it at the cinema as well.

    Therefore recommended and the rating:

    * * * * out of 5

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