just seen cabin fever

W,T,F stoopid stoopid the disc should be a coaster


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i wish people had never hyped up movies like this
scary ... dont think so
gory ...pah nothing gremlins hasnt done better before

shoalin kid

dint think it was that bad ,different anyway not scary though


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this film is crap absolute crap,from the idiot sheriff to the mong pancake yelling kung fu expert kid.and what about the(god i wish i knew how to put that spoiler thing on lol) oh god i could go on and on,started off quite well then as soon as the sheriff etc got involved it just turned into a farce.it could have been a great film but it was to much evil dead3 than evil dead1 IMHO.some very good gory bits mind and a few cringing moments,but that was it.it was as bad as wrong turn.


Originally posted by SILVERBACK
(god i wish i knew how to put that spoiler thing on lol) .

Think you are joking but just incase(lol).

In the reply page just look between the bit were you enter your reply and the smiles, there is a spoiler button, click it and enter in the new box your spoiler.

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