Just seen: Akira (R1)


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Hm, here is the Anime masterpiece and I didn't like it. Did the story start quite interesting I couldn't really get me to like it toward the ending.
Though the animation is pretty good I found this to be a dissappointment after seing Perfect Blue and Princess Mononoke, as well as Ghost in the Shell.
Perhaps Akira isn't a bad movie but it just didn't suit me.

Can't comment on the pic and sound quality as I am currently only using a mono 21" TV ... :(

* * * out of 5


Me too. I gave up on it about one hour in. Just didn't seem to be going anywhere. I enjoyed Ghost in the Shell and Final Fantasy - the Spirits Within. I am still waiting to get Princess Monokoke at a reasonable price also My Neighbour Totoro.

Jonathon Ross raved about Akira and attracted me to the anime genre but Akira didn't do it for me.


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I can understand why you would not like Akira, however it is one of those films you have to watch about 10 times :)

My enjoyment of the film generally increases each time I watch it as I understand it a little more. Although, I believe the beauty of the film is the way everyone's interpretation is slightly different.

You may want to also check out Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust, Metropolis, Jin-Roh (although it is very slow), Ninja Scroll, Wicked City or even Golgo 13 (although I am not a huge fan of it).

Princess Mononoke is very pretty, but I felt that it was not dark enough for me and the english translation although professional lost a lot of atmosphere (dam 5.1 english soundtracks only :( ). However, it is very recommended to those who want extreme western manga (ala disney style).


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Akira is notable in that its about the best animated anime out there. The technical quality of the animation is way above what you'll see on most of the other ones : even the well respected ones.

I must say I like it a lot ...way more than GITS and PM or any others that I can think of. Whilst the plot is a little confusing at times its not really any more bizarre than most of the other offerings ( and a heck of a lot less than some : Urotsukidoji anyone??)

You might want to check out Tetsuo (the iron man) 1 and 2 similar themes but live action ( totally effed in the head !)


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Sinzer - What version of Princess Mononoke have you got?? My R1 has a lovely Japanese DD5.1 soundtrack.
Akira is a true classic anime But they had to cram a massive Manga (comic book) Story into a short movie which is why its gets so confuseing although like Sinzer says it does get better each time you watch it. If you really want the full Akira story you should check out the Manga.
Really looking forward to the DTS edition due out in december:D

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