Just rooted my phone....now what??


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Manged to find a one click solution for my Nexus one so it is now rooted. :cool: The process has installed SU files and Busybox

I don't need any fancy roms i did it for two reasons:

- Wanting to move apps stored on the rom to SD card and / or delete them...such as Google books.

- Move some other apps that aren't SD enabled to the SD card

So what do i need from here??


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I have moved the apps i need to sd card.

Just need to delete some apps installed in the ROM such as Amazon MP3, Facebook and Twitter


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Simply rooting won't get you any more space until you flash a rom that gives you a2sd+ or something similar. The apps you delete won't gain any more space as they are held in a partition that you cannot write to.


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well I have managed to get rid of amazon mp3 and Google books.

Move 15mb of apps to SD which I couldn't move previously.

Facebook and twitter moved from rom to SD card.

All in all have doubled my storage space which is good for a couple more months whilst i wait for some more ics devices
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I always install titanium backup on rooted phones, then you can do full system backups and save them to dropbox

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