Just Rescued A Skipped Barco Graphics 800

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Jul 5, 2002
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Last week I know it worked, it was clean, and from memory did not have too many hours, this week it was in the bottom of a deep skip!
I had even asked the guys that should it be going I want to know, but there we have it .
First visual inspection shows the blue lens smashed, I hope the tubes are OK. Removing the front part of the lens shows the smashed remains below. Heavy marks on the case and blue lens show which way it was thrown ? in.:(
What can you do:(
Sorry lots of frowning smilies. Hopefully they will become grins when I get the beast home, dry and tested.
With the lens broken does that mean fluid leaked into the casing?
Too early to tell I guess.
Roland if you are reading this, should it be a worker, what can I expect to pay for a lens, or would the HD-6's on my ECP 3100 fit?
It is a sad day to find a worker skipped and broken.
BTW I have also rescued the RCVDS 800 switcher fitted with numerous cards.
More info to come when I've checked it out.
Regards to all.
Now look one PJ from a skip was funny. 2nd is beyond a joke.
What's going on?

Shame it wasn't the red they broke as the blue is always the first to go.

I have spare cases and lenses for these if you need them.

The lense were HD8

First thing I would do.
Take all lenses off which are the 4 bolts in the corner of each lens.
Check where the fluid level of each tube is (Red and Green are coloured, blue is clear)

If the fluid has leaked I doubt it is worth going further as this is nasty stuff nearly impossible to clean off and it eats at circuits for years afterwards.

Provided the TUBES are physically ok then try powering it up see if all diagnostic lights come on.

BE VERY CAREFULL THERE ARE 37,000volts INSIDE ONE OF THESE and some heatsinks are live to mains.
Thanks for the reply Roland, I'm still in shock, why do these things get dumped, and not even carefully. I've got mixed emotions at the moment, considering I had mentioned, obviously to the wrong person, that I would be interested if it was going, that it should be thrown so hard and damaged.
Taking off the front of the blue lens and looking through it is hard to tell if I am seeing just through the next lens is just cracked or cracked lens and wet lost fluid. I will post more this evening when I've had a look.
It will probably be a couple of days before powering up if no leaks, got to make sure there is no dampness within from condensation. I think it has been in the skip over the weekend, but luckily we have had no rain.

I can sympathise with you. As I posted the other week this happened to me. Obviously spoke to the wrong guy and by the time I realised it had been skipped at the old office. So no chance of even finding it :(

Hope your lucky and nothing else is damaged
Thanks Stuart, I recall your post and I talked about it here with my colleagues at the time. It's outrageous really, a crying shame. These, I am sure are not isolated incidents. If it keeps on happening Roland may run out of supplies !. ;)
(Only joking Roland, I've got to laugh or I may cry).

Hi folks,
Sorry that it is late in the day, and I still do not have the words to express my real feelings.
Roland, I just read your reply to Wilders, and yes it was great to find the PJ in the skip, except that I knew it was going there one day, but the folks who put it there did not let me know in enough time to catch it before it fell.
Now I know that on removing the lenses that the green and red tubes show no signs of burn what so ever, but the blue is smashed to smitherines, all liquid is away into the chassis and the tube gone forever. What a waste.
The label says 1991, but the condition of the chassis says something else, very little dirt on the HT leads, and all the visible boards are so clean. This is in contrast to my Electrohome ECP 3101 which is the same vintage.
So, what to do? It had to be the bluetube that it landed on, since they are the hardest to find.
As the PJ landed in the skip in a table top position, does it mean that the lost fluid has gotten to the PCB's?
Thanks for reading
Sorry to hear about the tube . I hape somthing can be salvaged .

It's realy sad the amount of cool stuff that ends up in skips .My mate used to work at a place and every time anything was out of date in the skip it whent .More often he would come home with a car full of pcs he had saved .

You would have thought they could do somthing better with this stuff .charitys would lve to get there hands on this sort of stuff . After all is'nt it in all of are dreams to come across a nice barco in an oxfam window for a tenner :D
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