Just purchased: Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D


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Yes, yes, I know :eek:

However, I love 3D films, and have practically all that are out at the mo (I have bloomin tons of pairs of glasses kiking about).

Anyway, I just stuck it in my computer, watched the title scene, and the 3D effect is just WOW :eek: Never seen such good home use 3D on a DVD before.

Look forward to watching it (not for the film, just for the cool 3D)


i passed on this dvd although spy kids 3d i purchased. the worse 3d dvd i watched was amityville 3d and it gave me a splitting headache the following day.


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krusty said:
the worse 3d dvd i watched was amityville 3d

I got this in the January sales for £11 last year. The 3D was total rubbish, infact it wasn't barely 3D at all. I was gonna take it back it virgin saying that it is practically daylight robbery selling something this crap. I however I stuck it on ebay at 99p and the bidding went through the roof :rotfl:

Sold it for £26 :)


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i've been tempted to get that, and spy kids 3d actually, but i'm not sure how well they'll work.. on a 3d imax dvd i bought i had to spend ages modifying the colour settings on my tv so that the blue and red were right, and i can't be arsed doing that again..

just bought an asian horror movie called "the park" though, will let you know what that's like, cost me about £2 from cd-wow


I'm interested in 3d movies, what glasses do they use and where do you get them from? Whats the best 3d movies to get?

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