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Just purchased Pio 427 - new usage questions


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Just purchased the Pioneer 427XD. I receive it tomorrow and was wondering if it was ok to play my xbox360 on it at first or is their any (legitimate) reasons why this is unadviseable?

I still see posts about Plasma retention and burn in etc. I sought the advise of a reputable dealer of both Plasmas and LCDs (small business with qualified staff) and he advised that you would need to watch BBC News 24 (or similar) for a couple of days non-stop before you'd see any image retention on the new range of Plasmas and even then it would go after 10 mins of watching something else.

Can any owners of this unit please post their experiences/advise for the initial period of owning one of these (or similar) TV's? Advisable settings, what to play what not to play etc.

If you read the manual for these things you'd be scared to swith the thing on (if it didnt say don't leave turned off for "prolonged periods").This is something I'm a bit cheesed off about. The use of the statement "prolonged periods" how long is a "prolonged period". It is used in the manual to cover almost anything. I can play my xbox for a couple of hours non-stop. Is this a prolonged period or are they talking days?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Hi pineapples, I've got the same screen, have had it for just over a month. Personally i would advise that you do not start using the xbox for more than an hour at a time until you have completed the running-in period of the screen.

Screen burning can occur in a matter of hours, not days. Many people have complained about burn problems after less than a couple hours. My personal experience with the pio is that it takes approx 1-2hours before signs of retention can appear, which usually disappears after 5-10mins.

I did run in for the stated 200hrs + maybe bit more. I have posted the settings i used in the following thread.

I have recently been using the screen and viewing some material with logos for longer than 2hrs at a time, and have experienced very slight retention, which has gone after a few minutes. I think you should be ok as long as you ur careful for the first couple weeks, i guess each screen will have its slight differences, so until you've figured out the limits of yours i dont think its worth taking the risk.

You also might want to turn on the auto off function, which will switch the tv off after 3hours of inactivity (if you dont use any of the tv functions like volume control, or switch channel it will turn off).

So far i am very please with the performance of the pio, i have not experienced any of the problems others have complained about (buzzing, burning or juddering). Also check this post, where someone has possible occurance of burn on the pio427xd.

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