Just pre ordered Lego Star Wars 2


Hey hey,

Just pre ordered Lego Star Wars 2.

I liked the first one but didn't care for the films as much as the originals so hoping to relate to this better.

The GFX look awsome!

Anyone else interested in this title?

If so pre-order it from Play.com at £30!!!!!

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I ordered this game as well as i just love Star Wars and need to play a new game. I didn't play the first one and thought that this would be a very easy kids game but from the achievements list, it may be a bit tougher than i originally thought


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i will be pre-ordering this from play this week as the kids and i loved the first one , can't wait for this on the 360 :thumbsup:


Loved the first, this looks proper good. Hopefully it will have some sort of live stuff on it as well

£30 quid ain't too bad either


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Tufty McTavish said:
The first one was short but very, very sweet. VERY much looking forward to this one.
Also pre-ordered it for £30 (what a bargain)

I was reading on gamespot or ign (can't remember which one) that it took them 40 minutes to just complete the first level of episode IV. Apparently the levels are huge. With a bit of luck it'll take 12+ hours to complete.

It's gonna be a busy weekend with dead rising coming out on the 9th and this on the 11th. :D

It's a bit weird they are releasing it on a monday though.


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Great price for this. Preordered!

The Fuggler

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Saw a couple of videos on IGN. Looks very amusing. I've had a punt at £30! :)

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