Just ordered Panasonic TH-42PW5


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Arrives Monday - cost £3719 with Panasonic Stand and BNC board :) Can't wait :) Does anyone know if the manual is on a PDF online anywhere?



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Who did you order it from? PM me please if it makes you feel better!


Paul D

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Just got my TH-42PW5BX
And after reading the manual, was amazed by a certain part (page 5)which states "It will cause interference in image, sound etc. In particular, keep video equipment away from this product"!:eek:

And there was me going to use it to watch DVDs and videos, god what a fool i now feel!:p

So i have now installed it under the stairs with the screen facing the wall, well away from ANY VIDEO EQUIPMENT!!!:D :D :D

Other good ones-

Screen Burn is called "After Image"!

"Sometimes some parts of the screen may be be missing picture elements"
"or have luminous spots"...."THIS IS NOT A MALFUNCTION"!

errr yes it is! as these "missing elements" and "luminous" aren't meant" to do this. But i do accept fixed panel screens can have duff pixels, but these panels should only be shipped on the commercial models, as business user are less bothered by them etc. Home users are a lot more critical.

It goes on to say about not showing still images and what not to use-
Video games
Computer images (even though it has a VGA port)
And images displayed in 4.3!

Don't you just love manuals!

Now before anybody has a go, i'm only taking the "P" (plasma)

I love my plasma and i'm well aware about screenburn, but i think Panasonic is just covering it's "behind". But it did make for fun reading.

I've checked mine and there are no "stuck on/open pixels", but i will have to wait until it's properly installed before having a check for black pixels.

Jon Weaver

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I believe that 'after image' and 'screen burn' are not the same thing.

'after image' is an effect that you get on a Plasma where a static image has been left on a for a little while

It appears as a ghost and disappears after a few mins/hours

'screen burn' is what you get where you leave a static image on for a lot longer.

Its permenant and can't be removed.

Paul D

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Sorry your right, they call them "permanent after images - Not covered by the warranty"!:D

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