Just ordered a Samsung LE40R87BDX!! how do I setup good? heard theres a DVD is there


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Hi I took the plunge after the Sony 40S2530 went up in price (is the LE40R87BD a match for this Sony?)

Just ordered a Samsung LE40R87BDX!! how do I setup good? heard theres a DVD, is there.

I am not a piture expert and normally dont mess about much, ie my 26" LCD upstairs I just use the inbuilt movie pic mode for everything.

Is there a DVD or what is good for setting up, how do I do it.

Any help greatly appreciated please.
I will be using it for SD DVD, Virgin V+ SD and HD (whats there not much I know), and Xbox 360.

Does thr gaming mode work for Xbox 360 gamig in these or is it a gimmick.


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A THX setup is available on Pirates of the Caribbean or Monsters INC that I know of. Just make sure your DVD player is set to 16:9 not some 4:3 setup and RGB out on SCART and connected with a QUALITY cable. If your DVD has Component out with progressive scan then I would use this method as it gives a better quality picture.
Just make sure on anything connected that the aspect is set to 16:9.


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Does this do picture teaking as everyone seems to talk about ie contrast levels, blck levels etc etc?

My DVD All-in-one 5.1 is pretty old (a silver (so yesterday ;) LG 3520) so it only does composite I think, Now I am getting a Balck LCD and a Black glass stand Im gonna look for another one (cheap) black with a HDMI that does upscaling I hope any ideas?

Can you not buy a setup DVD? I remember years ago I had something like it for a old VCR recorder?



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The THX setup which is excellent seems to be available on Walt Disney films as far as I can make out.
If you existing DVD player has at least SCART out it should do RGB, otherwise just forget the setup DVD it would be a waste of time.

Go into your settings on the DVD and select RGB out and 16:9, at least get the aspect right.

Be VERY VERY careful looking at all in ones (personally I think they are a total waste of time). Do check out the quality, make sure it has OPTICAL inputs on the back, for things like SKY+/HD, Xboxes, PS3's, PS2's, PC's, Cable boxes, PC's and the list goes on.
Would suggest looking at getting a AV amp and a DVD player with HDMI, a starter AV setup inc DVD player can be got for around £300. At least you can upgrade in the future without having to throw everything away, think about it you get a all-in-one and then this time next year you want to add Blu-ray/HD-DVD, and then guess what, no 5.1 inputs on all-in-one or the only one available and it is in use.


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Im not very Home Cinema type really, my current 5.1 doesnt have a scart even, it probably about 4-5 years old now, to be honest havent used it much, so I dont wanna spend a lot (chepaer the better really).

Reason I want an All-In-One is for the "neat factor" ie one box does all, and it'll look cool in my setu with my Black R87, back V= on my Black glass stand.

I want this on it of possible: HDMI, optical, DivX, USB, upscaler. black colour, tall box speakers (rear) if possible

any suggestions please?


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I seem to find a few with USB port/DivX etc but none seem to have optical ports on.

I am looking right here arent I? ie for my Xbox 360 I need the 5.1 AIO to have a optical input yeh?

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