Just mounted my 32" on plasterboard


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Hi Everyone - i'm a newb but have been reading with great interest over the last couple of weeks after deciding to buy an LCD. In the end I went with the Samsung LE32R87BD and the 1080P Samsung DVD upscaling player.

Anyway - I just installed the TV last night by mounting onto a hollow stud wall, the studs were in the wrong places (expected!) so after reading up a few threads on this forum I took the plunge and mounted the bracket straight onto the plasterboard.

I used 6 heavy duty hollow wall anchors - got mine from Wickes but very similar to these:


They gripped really well after insertion so gave me a lot of confidence.

The wall mount bracket I used was from vivomounts.com, i went for the following:


Really good quality, powder coated and sturdy. For the price I'm very pleased. I know there was another thread about an even cheaper mount of similar quality but I couldn't get hold of one - out of stock.

So after securing the backplate with the anchors i mounted the LCD on and an happy with the result - i'll post pics later. My main concern was mounting the thing onto the plasterboard without using the studs but after securing the backplate with those heavy duty anchors i'm pretty certain it wont budge. They do a good job and the LCD isn't very heavy anyway. The hardest part was feeding the cables behind the board - i had a load of insulation which was making it tricky but a wire coat hanger did the trick.

Great forum - helped me out a lot!



Any pictures mate.:thumbsup:


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I'll take some pics tonight and post them up. Was doing the install late last night so didnt get a chance.


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OK - here are a couple of pics i took with my phone (will take some better ones)

The TV is mounted in my loft room hence the sloping ceiling!

The brush plate hasn't been fully intalled yet hence why the gap to the wall - will sort this out tonight. You can see some of the bracket itself - as you can see its sturdy!

I'll take some better pics of the bracket itself.


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Great job,very nice.:thumbsup:

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