"Just" mode on Toshiba/Panasonic Plasma

Jon Weaver

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I have tried searching for this, but can't find the answer.

Did I read that Panasonics 'Just' mode, isn't available when you are using one of the inputs.

I have a feeling that it was the VGA input.. if this is the case, then I am concered, as I would want to connect my STB (Sky) to it, via an RGB-VGA converter. But, as Sky outputs a lot of different aspect ratios, 'Just' mode would be needed to ge the best display of a 4:3 image onto 16:9.


you can keep the just mode if you get a rgb to component box
but maybe you want this imput for dvd

Jon Weaver

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Exactly.. I want Component for the DVD player!

With DVD, "just" mode will never be used as everything will be in Widescreen.

Sky is the input which needs the 'just mode'!


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With the right A/V amplifier, you can switch component video too. So you can have your DVD player and Component converter connected via the amp to your screen.

VGA gives you a very sharp and clear picture, but withouth the Just mode. Component is slightly softer (slightly), but does allow the Just mode. But you can route component through some A/V amps too. There's advantages to each route.

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