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Hi Andrew
The settings that each person uses will be slightly different due to the envioment they project in. Your best bet would a calibration disk like Avia or DVE.
You can always use the the one on THX dvd's like Star Wars Ep 1 or Ep 2.

I'll post my settings when I get home ;)


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I think this has been said before but its really down to personal taste. Use an avia disc. Also I beileve that all LCD panels are slightly different so posting settings is useless....


Originally posted by harrisuk
I beileve that all LCD panels are slightly different so posting settings is useful....

Think you meant "useless" ;)

As said, get a calibration disc & follow the instructions (hope you've got a few hours to kill if using DVE - they do go on quite a bit :D).

Different sources, environments, screens etc... You get the picture (which hopefully will be better after calibration :)).

Best of luck.


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yes, use the avia disc.
brief but exhaustive if you want it to be....

Also, you'll need to alter the settings for EACH different input.
eg, setup using AVIA when viewing via component, but these settings may be different if you then play a console vis s-video, so you'll need to setup again viewing through this input (and so on for each input)
You can store up to three individual settings into memory (I have one for DVD via component at night, one for comp during day, and the last for s-video from ps2).

Someone is selling the AVIA disc on these forums (type in a search).....very prompt service....great disc :)


however, if you dont have avia, some people on avsforum have posted some typical settings which work pretty well


I've said it before & I'll say it again. Each unit should be calibrated by its owner. Others' settings are pretty much useless unless they've the same source, screen, viewing environment & projector!

May as well stick with the "default" settings if you're unwilling to at least use a THX "optimode" DVD or calibration disc.


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