Just has this problem with sky tonight

tony kop77

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I wanted to watch Rolerball, I have sky set up via my amp. i started to watch the film and noticed it was quite I had to have it on -15db for it to be any good yet when I flicked over to other programes -15db was very loud.
Has anyone else had this problem?


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I watched the Bourne Identity on Sky Movies last night and had to have the volume at a much higher level than was necessary for Sky One.



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SKY's DD programming has always been at a lower volume than normal stereo/surround movies. I do not know if this is a technical issue or an actual policy, I suspect technical:)


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i dont mind it being lower to be honest as long as the sound doesnt break up lol.i only recently got sky+ and im more than impressed with the 5.1 sound and i havent had 1 dodgey 5.1 soundtrack yet all rock solid and no break up:)


Hell, different channels? The ******s turn the volume up during the adverts!


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Originally posted by leng
Hell, different channels? The ******s turn the volume up during the adverts!

Technically they don't.
The advertisers compress the audio into the upper frequency range which means it conforms to the volume rules laid down by the regulator however when you have been watching a channel that has full range audio the advert volume then appears to be much louder.
Solution, don't watch adverts:)

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