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Just had v+ installed


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Well, the virgin fitter turned up around 10am after a quick call 10mins before arriving, took around 40mins to install and set up the v+ box in the front room and extra stb upstairs in the bedroom.
So far it could'nt have gone any smoother than it has:thumbsup:
First impressions are great, been playing with the v+ for a couple of hours and the pic quality seems better and sharper than my sky picture did, but then i only have a crt tv currently.
Get this...the fitter asked me if i wanted the hdmi lead?? Amazing what difference a cup of tea makes.
My only concern was when he said the pin for the v+ must be pre-installed because it was'nt showing on the menu, but to use 1234, which seems to working fine.
I still have sky at the moment aswell, because it does'nt switch off until the end of the month, and don't think i miss it.
All in all very happy, and thought i would share it with you all:D

Even though there is only one HD channel i have the urge to buy that sony 40"w2000 i keep looking at, i was originally going to wait until it was sub £1000, but not sure if i can resist any longer.....


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check the sky movie channels, i don't subscribe but now have these on my V+ box (installed last week). Strange but hopefully it'll last (i'm recording everything quickly before they disappear!).


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Just checked and no sky movies for me:( Although i still have sky movies through the sky box but decided not to have the movie package with virgin.

I did manage to purchase 'john tucker must die' by mistake, not quite sure how though because i only meant to check the info:eek: :D

Cocacola, hope your install goes as clean as mine did! Try and get your hdmi cable from the fitter to.

I got a black v+ (silver STB) Would have been nice the other way round. After reading about noisy v+ boxes i'm pleased to say mine is very quiet,although more chunky than i expected.
Spent most of yesterday watching a series of spooks that i missed out on. Have to say the 'on demand' is pretty good.


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Hi There

Thought I would share my V+ story.....

The installation was at the start of April and was painless (although I was already a customer and my Broadband was already in my Play room so not much more cable needed) and most of the 35 minutes was taken up with the V+ box enabling.

I have used it for about two weeks now and it has done everything I have asked of it - it isn't too noisy (and mine is under a unit on the floor) and the menu is very easy to follow, the On Demand service will lose you days if you let it and the ability to record two channels and watch a third is excellent - so far none of my recordings have missed the start/end of a show as previously reported on the forums.

The installer also gave me an HDMI cable which I didn't expect although he said most people aren't using it yet due to lack of HD content.

all in all it's only been two weeks but so far I can't believe I have done without it for so long....


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Hi There
The installer also gave me an HDMI cable which I didn't expect although he said most people aren't using it yet due to lack of HD content.

If you have a flat panel TV then you should only be using HDMI as the V+ box won't upscale standard programmes via Scart.:thumbsup:


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(and mine is under a unit on the floor)

Any chance you could show a picture of were your v+box is in the above unit.
I have mine in a cut out in a fireplace and i am having some problems with it, and im wondering if the heat is playing any part (seeing how it seems to run as hot as a pentium 4). Ive got a digital temperature guage,s probe sitting on top opf the v+box and the temp varies betwween 29c and 32c.

Come to think of it, does anyone know the max ambient temperature these v+Boxes will work at.

Dorset Dave

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I too have just had the v+box installed. Appointment was for between 1-6pm Saturday. Engineer arrived at 4-40pm and began by apologising for not being able to get to me sooner. Good first impression which continued with his cheerful manner and all round product knowledge. He even took his boots off to avoid getting the carpet dirty! His idea not mine. Straight forward set-up HMDI cable supplied as part of the order and standard VM pin number 1234 which I changed in settings menu. Over cup of coffee discussed poor customer services which continue to bedevil VM and he told me that Richard Branson is trying to recruit five more people a week to improve the situation. So far so good with v+. HD picture excellent and upscaled SD looks pretty sharp too. Great being able to record two programmes whilst watching a third. No sign of AXV's free Sky channels (shame). Box is quiet and I quite like the soft green glow the box emits when in standby. All in all an impressive box of tricks. I did have one small problem which CS (very pleasant Welsh lady) did her best to solve but unable to do so arranged an engineer to call within the week. Luckily I was later able to solve the problem (my fault not the v+) and cancelled the visit. Both times got through to CS without the usual long delay so maybe things are improving.

I've criticised VM for its bad customer service in the past but credit where its
due. This was a very positive experience and hopefully not the exception which proves the rule!


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Mr Me, picture attached - no overheating problems but by god does it gather dust!!

Sorry took so long but away on hols!! :clap:



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