Just got Stuntman & Turok



Stuntman on PS2 & Turok on Xbox.....

Anyone have any thoughts on either, I need to play them more before I can comment but they both look like they are gonna be tricky to finish. :eek:

Or maybe its me, I just dont have the patience any more!!! ;)

Turok is really a matter of taste mate. Early stages are pretty rank, but the further you get into it the better the level designs and action gets. Worth sticking with IMO..

Stuntman is a really nice game but gets very hard to the point it becomes frustrating. If you liked the physics of driving in the Driver games then you'll probably like it..:)
got to say i got turok and think it is abag of nuts.

given it a couple of hours and it wont be getting anymore of my time.

another xbox winner :rolleyes:
I rented Turok from my local video shop and I thought it was complete cack. The control system was a joke, it would probably feel better on a PC.
Well im on a weeks leave ( well with rest days its just over 10 days ) so im looking for a new game to play.

Did not like Turok when I played it so ill give that a miss - anybody have any thoughts on Res Evil or Buffy ?

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