Just got my SkyHD - fairly impressed


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Well I finally got it after 3 months of waiting and as expected the HDMI doesn't work into the DVI of my Hyundai A321.... issue with the TV, will have to be returned at some point. So I am using it over component at the moment.

Got to say that generally I am quite pleased with the quality of both the image and sound, particularly the BBC HD preview that just looks awesome. I recorded Jules Holland as the glimpse I got was great. In fact the BBC HD stuff is better than anything I have seen on the 360 over VGA or HD content from XBMC on component (although that is probably more down to the performance of the old xbox than anything else). Can't wait to get my TV sorted and see the difference over HDMI/DVI.:clap:

Not really impressed with the video quality of DieHard 4 at all... lots of film artefacts (scratches what have you) that I'm sure weren't there on my DVD copy, almost looked like a high quality but not HD telecine film rip (not that I have ever seen such a thing) that had been upscaled. Be interested to watch LOTR ROTK tonight, going to freeze some frames and attempt a comparison against an upscaled Extended Edition DVD.

I've been looking around for programming reccomendations on the web this lunch and I haven't really seen much, we've got this forum but I was wondering if anyone knows of any sites/blogs that are covering SkyHD content and reviewing it or indeed previewing it (as in saying this is coming in x weeks...). I was scrolling through with the Programme guide last night but it's just the worst way to browse for something that catches your eye... and seeing as I now have Sky+ for the first time I'm skipping straight on through any "coming soon" features that sky may broadcast.:rolleyes:

For the moment I am happy to be on board, the shiny shiny new new feeling hasn't expired yet... saying that the programme guide failed to load last night, was still not sorted this morning and in the end required a pulling out of the power lead... don't suppose there is a reset button for the unit is there? I really don't like yanking power out of anything with a HDD in it.:thumbsdow


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If u don't like pulling the plug with HDD then put box in standy and wait for all to go quite - fans, drive etc and then pull the plug.

:oops: :oops: :oops: :D :D


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Likewise mate I got my SkyHD installed on Tuesday, after waiting since 30th May!

So far I have not been totally blown away but have been pleased with what I have seen. In particular I think that football and cricket on Sky Sports HD1/2 look very good with a marked improvement in detail and colour.

I've got mine connected via HDMI to my Sammy LCD and so far no probs at all.

Oh, and as I've also never had Sky+ before so I am loving the that too! :smashin:


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I watched the entirety of Jools Holland last night from the night before, first time I have watched an entiure episode in about 10 years. I was blown away by the quality of the visuals and the sounds in DD was fantastic. I'm not a big fan of Coldplay but was enthralled by the performances, Jamiroquai was as always awesome (how does that man sing so well live?) but the highlight for me was Antony who's single song was incredibly moving.

So far I have been nothing but wowed by the BBC HD quality and found some of the other stuff pretty good.

I did watch about a third of ROTK last night and thought the quality was good but not outstanding.. saying that because it was broadcast (correctly) at 1.85:1 and I only have a 32" TV you end up with a screen about 26" which isn't really big enough to appreciate the picture. Kind of wish that they broadcast them anamorphic and allowed you to select the amount of stretch. Better use of the screen resolution.

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