just got my replacement p900 and


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got a dead pixel on my p900 and had a few nightmares with the bluetooth on this phone aswell as it starting to crash a lot so i thought id claim on my insurance.called orange last night they said no problem and they would have my new phone to me between 6pm and 10 pm next day :) phone arrives 7pm and the delivery guy says to me that he has had more returns on this phone then any other :eek: i asked him how long he had been a delivery fella etc and he said about 6 years :( he said the amount of these that had been returned through faults was incredible considerring the cost and sonys quality.

so has anyone else had probs with this phone ??? personnaly i think it could be the complexity that is getting people to believe there is a fault because they cant understand that this is not only a phone but a pda aswell.


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Never seen one with dead pixels at work, but for software faults they're poop.

Quick firmware flash fixes it usually, see 3 or 4 a month come back with niggly faults at work.

6600 is the real goit for dead pixels.


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I've had 3 of these all work fine, no dead pixels or bluetooth probs. I bought 2 initially for my wife and I all OK. Then I lost mine (don't trust the case that comes with it not to fall off your belt!!!! I've got a Krussel case now its great) so I received another on O2's insurance and that is OK too. I also told a couple of mates to get them and they are fine too.



P.S. can you flash the firmware of an O2 P900 on Sonyericcsons website??? Anyone know

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You can't flash the O2 branded P900 online from the Sony Ericsson site. You'll have to get it flashed via a service centre at first then you can do it yourself from there.

I got a replacement from O2 (at long last), a brand new sim free unbranded one which I have now flashed to R4B03.

Works fine.....but as I waited so long I am just about to get an XDA 2 now !

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