Just got my 42WP27... Wow!!. And it doesn't buzz!!!

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Aug 16, 2000
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I finally got it! I picked up my Toshiba 42WP27 (Series 5 Panasonic clone), thanks to Nick Halliday from Richer Sound.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their help and their tolerance to my constant questioning.

WHilst I can't actually use it yet (as I havn't got a stand), I thought I had better get it out, just to make sure it was OK.

First thing I was relieved about was that the RCA card was included inside the box.. Not installed, but included.

I connected it up and ever without a signal, the brightness of the 'menus' is simply amazing.

The next relief was that it doesn't buzz.. Not at all..

Finally, I checked for dead pixels.. Annoyingly, there is a 'funny' pixel right in the middle

When you look down from above, its kind of black, but it doesnt' look out.. Fortunatly, you can only see it from above.. When you look from infront, or below (Which I will be doing once its installed) you can see it.

As a final test, I plugged my laptop into it... Wow.. What an amazing bit of kit.. A 42" display, with a picture as good as any monitor I have seen.

I can't wait to watch some movies.

Luckily, I escallated the 'lack of stands' to Pioneer this week and they have commited to supplying me one. I have been told that I will get it later next week.

I just have to decide on which JS box I am going for (or the SyncBlaster) and I will be there.

Reluctantly, its gone back into the box for safe keeping now, I keep taking a peek inside, just to remind myself what i have bought :)

The biggest surprise was the lack of buzz.. Even with a bright image from my laptop, it didn't make the slightest noise.. Even what I put my ear right up against the top right hand side, there was just nothing there!!

Maybe I am lucky, or perhaps they have solved this issue in this new model.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone for your help.. Its really apprecaited.
Congrats on your purchase Jon

after all your threads about buying one, and worries, I also must be one of the Lucky ones cos my version 4 Panny is also quiet and the picture outstrips what my initial thoughts were

so we now have another happy member of the Plasma club, just wait a couple of weeks till the next Jon Weaver comes along asking every question known to man

Now you will be able to answer all the questions LOL
:D :D :D ;)

Glad to hear you've got your plasma; I've been following your questions with interest as I'm also about to take the plunge.

One from me - did you get a 2 year warranty with the 42WP27? I believe that this was offered on the previous Toshiba model.

Cheers, Peter

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