Just got an Xbox help me set it up with XBMC properly please?


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Hello all

I had an Xbox from day one with about 30 games but about 2 years ago it was stolen and I never got round to replacing it.

Anway last week one of my work colleagues who is returning to Oz gave me his xbox as he wasn't bothered selling it. He reckons he hasn't used it in about 8/9 months. It is chipped with an Executer 2 (I think) and it boots up fine with the chip switched on of off. It seems to play games no problem.

The problem is it has a version of XBMC which is about 2 years old by the looks of it and the current dash is horrible. He reckons he bought it about 2 years ago chipped and he never did anything to it.

So I want to get the latest and greatest version of XBMC so I can watch streamed movies and TV shows from my PC. Also I would like all the trailers and stuff. I am not to bothered about games but I will play the odd game every now and then.

Where do I start? Does the chip need updating? Where is the best place to get info on XBMC?



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Have a look Here .......the topic" How to Install XBMC and How to update."....should point you in the right direction :)


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OK I have got XBMC installed and up as my dash and it seems to be working OK.

How do I set it so when I go to my videos folder it goes directly to my share on my server? At the moment it keeps asking me to input a username and password.

Also can I create another option for TV shows?

Is there any essential scripts I should install?

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