Just got an LG 32LC2DB


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High guys (and gals),

My wife & I decided to buy ourselves a new 32" LCD for Christmas to replace our second set which is a cheap crappy 24" CRT Grundig in the dining room. I was going to use the Currys or Dixons promotional codes but they don't seem to be very good offers at the moment & after reading a few threads on here about peoples poor experiences with this group of shops I decided to look elswhere.

My criteria for the set were that it had to be under 600 quid, have the speakers at the bottom to reduce width, preferably a freeview tuner and very importantly, 1:1 pixel mapping through HDMI for my HTPC.

Eventually decided on the LG 32LC2DB which fits all the above criteria and got it from Novatech which was cheaper than the promotional codes and is just down the road from me so I could pick it up in person.

I have to say I am extremely pleased with this set. The SD picture is better than I was expecting, obviously depending on the quality of the signal and the amount of MPEG compression. The sound from the internal speakers is also exellent, it's not tinny and there is no vibration from the cabinet even when quite loud. I've got 1:1 pixel mapping from my HTPC and confirmed this with the Nokia Monitor Test program and also I've looked hard but I can't find any dead pixels which I am extremely releaved about.

I've made a few adjustments to the picture settings, one being the contrast which is uncomfortably high out of the box. I've turned it down to about 75 now and I can't detect any backlight buzz which would indicate that LG have fixed this problem repoted on earlier sets.

Once I've had a chance to play with it a bit more I will post any further findings and if anyone wants any info on this set just let me know.




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an odd question, does it have a headphone jack for personal viewing?

i found 1 website that said no and the others dont mention if so rather hear from an owner on here :)

also, you say no buzzing, that is great, however, as far as i am aware, that is caused by lowering the backlight NOT the contrast.

would be intereested to see if there are any back light controls on this set and if so if there is any buzz knocking that back



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Hi Mike,

Sorry about the rather abrupt previous response, I was in a rush.

With respect to the buzzing, it was apparently caused by the contrast being lowered as there is no adjustment for the backlight. See this thread on pages 4 & 5......


.....This explains the problem and the fact that LG recognised it as a fault and it has been rectified. As I said though, there is no backlight adjustment and also no headphone socket.




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hehehe no probs i didnt think you were being abrupt... infact i thought i had posted a thanks for having a look for me, it appears not so me bad :)

well that defo rules that one out for me as its for a bedroom telly.

you know, i may just bit the bullet and buy a sony S series.

what £250 between friends.... :rolleyes:

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