Just Got a TH-50PZ700U - NEED HELP ASAP!



I'm a HDTV noob with lots of questions. I recently got the 50PZ700U at a very good price with my Best Buy employee and a special rebate that'll come in from Panasonic that's just for Best Buy employee (will finish around $1150 after tax). Anyways, here are couple questions I have:

- Why the hell does SD suck? The picture quality is very **** poor. It's basically fuzzy and doesn't show well, espeically when it comes to the color blue. I think it could be our cable since we tried our old Sony Trinitron CRT and it looked like it. However, it seems like since the TV is 50" and made for HD programming and whatnot, is it known for having problems with SD like almost all other plasmas? It just seems like it shouldn't be THIS bad.

- Before pulling the trigger on this TV, I did my research and it seemed like a really good plasma TV. However, I just read that it doesn't support 24Hz support? I don't know what that exactly is but it has something to do with the motion of the picture? And that without it that Blue-Ray won't be as good as it should be? I might be way off here but if someone can clear this up for me, that'd be great. This TV is basically for my parents I want it to be future proof for as long as the TV lasts.

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