Just got a RME HDSP9632 but need help

Hi all, especially branxx ;)

Well after some deliberation, I've decided to sell my Lexicon MC1 and move the pre/pro to the HTPC.

Now I'm incredibly impressed by the quality the 9632 gives out, its noticably better than the MC1 when using the analogue outs in two channel and the Lex is definitely no push over when it comes to music. So you could say I'm very happy with the 2 channel side of things.


It is primarily a HTPC so multi-channel is the key word here and as for as I can make out, I cannot for the life of me get a 5.1 analogue signal from PowerDVD.

I have the 2 break out cables installed, one with the 2 RCA's and the other with the 4 RCA's. I've connected these upto my 5ch Chord power amp but only get the left and right speakers working and not the surrounds or center.

I know people all around the world have successfully done this but just can't seem to nail it myself. Any help at this point would be very welcome.



You need to check this who really knows how to use PowerDVD with RME cards, but I thought that the cards themselves only had stereo analogue outputs (which with stereo inputs and co-ax digital in/out makes 6 RCA sockets).

Don't you need an expansion board for multichannel, the older AEB-4O/8O or the newer AO4S-192?


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Have you added bought the audio add on for Power DVD?

You then have to assign the output of the soundcard in control panel and then also in the configuration of Power DVD, there is also a "Update PowerDVD audio features" button in the Audio section.

Hammerfall DSP mixer will the "see" the playback of these channels, then all you have to do is assign to chosen outputs.

The add on card with the balanced beakout cable gives 5.1 balanced.

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