Just got a Pioneer upscaler recently. Problem?


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Hi guys,

I just bought a Pioneer upscaling DVD player about 3 weeks ago to replace my crappy Samsung F1080 upscaler. This Pioneer player is fantastic. It has lots of functions, puts out a great picture and sound, etc and runs very quietly.

However, the other night I put in a disc from season six of Seinfeld and as it was loading, the player started to make this really loud vibrating sound so I turned it off and got the disc out. I tried several more discs and they all worked fine, no noise or vibration.

I have played tons of discs on it and they all work fine, all except that darn disc five of Seinfeld. Is this a problem with my player? Should I return it or what? I don't really feel like going all the way down to the shop to return it, as I got a cheapie player before the Pioneer from the same shop and had to return it in favour of the Pioneer as the picture was pixilating. I don't want to have to return another player.


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I think you answered your own question, if ALL discs are OK except one then the problem lies with the disc.


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It may be that the pioneer unit is using a dvd-rom drive to read the discs and it has been known that a small amount iof discs have a slight warp to them and they make a noise when being played.
Check that teh disc is not warped. ROM drives generally spin the discs faster than a normal drive ie multiples times faster 6x/12x speed etc so if the disc has a warp it will make a noise.


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Thanks for the replies, guys. I think the problem does lie with the disc, even though it played OK in another player. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it has a PC disc drive. I never thought of or realised that. I thought it looked like a PC drive. Thanks guys.

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