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Just got a new amp....


....but it wont fit under my plasma shelves!!

Its short by maybe an inch, to allow for a gap.

Anyone any smart tips on how to raise the height of a TV stand please?

I guess extending the length of the 3 legs at the bottom is the best way...??


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What stand do you have? A picture may help to explain where it does not fit and what you are trying to do.


Good point!

Its basically this one but there's more space underneath the bottom.


The amp is 158mm tall but the shelves are tragically 151mm tall.

If i could raise the shelves witth say extenders or something to create another inch underneath the shelves the amp would fit. Otherwise im gonna have to swap it at Richer sound (if the do any slipper ones....)

That make sense? :smashin:
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Is it too old to get your money back??

I have this stand at home and this is a bargain price. Got mine with darkened glass which is a bugger to keep clean but looks great.

This will hold your amp as I have my Onkyo 605 on it and it has loads of space....which is good for frying eggs!


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Wallmount your TV above the rack and use the top shelf for your amp and centre speaker. Well thats what I did anyway.


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Do not think you will easily be able to modify your existing stand so a new one is probably the best option. Could be worth contacting the manufacturer to see if they do bigger spacer sections to give more space between the shelves. With the Onkyo amp you have you will need to make sure you leave a couple of cms space between the top of the amp and the shelf above to allow heat to dissipate (Onkyos run a little hot!!!).


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I think a new bench or rack is in order, not just to solve your present dilema, but for future expansion. If you've already a centre speaker, a BD player and the amp then you've already used up all the available shelf space. Maybe consider what someone else has already suggested and mount your TV on the wall? You could keep the existing TV bench for your centre speaker and maybe the BD player and then get a similar looking extra rack for your amp and other components?
I had a similar problem, and changed to a cantilever stand. Search the usual places.

See attached picture.


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