Just got a MARANTZ 4200, i have a few questions....


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Dec 19, 2001
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Just got one today and im unsure about a few things.

1. What setting should i have it on for DD 5.1 Halo on Xbox? The DD symbol shows red on Pro Logic and PLII, so im unsure...

2. I want a 'co-axial' to digitally connect my DVD player to the receiver as my two Optical leads are used for my CD player and Xbox. Where can i get these? Ive seen one in Dixons, but it was £35! Is there anywhere cheaper, or are they really £35?! (im UK based)

3. Could anyone reccomend a decent centre speaker for under £70. Its the last peice in my puzzle so to speak. I just need somthing that does the job well, im not after any fantastic or anything, just somthing better than the lame thing i have at the moment.

4. What is better, DTS or DD for DVD's?

5. What sound setting is best for CD's, other that PLII (i dont like all the sound out of the front)?

I think that's it :) any help would be MUCH appreciated,

thanks in advance
1. You should have some kind of 'Auto Decode' option which will decide which format is being input and respond accordingly.

2. You should be able to find a cheaper one, or make your own. It's just a 75 ohm coax cable with phonos. www.hifistore.co.uk have them from £9.95.

3. Hve a look at the Tannoy MXC, around £70.

4. Entirely subjective. DTS is technically superior but it's up to you. I wouldn't worry about it too much, theres very little in it. I prefer DTS but it's a tiny difference, ust sounds a bit warmer on my system.

5. If you have your CD player hooked up with a digital cable then just use auto decode. If you are using phono cables then use whatever soundfield sounds best. I prefer pure, un EQ'd sounds but you can apply DSP modes if you must. I'm not a big fan of DPL2 for music, love it for tv though.

I have just set up my first HC system. I purchased co-axial cable direct from Ecosse Cables - www.ecossecables.com, just ring them on the number on the website and they will do whatever length you want, I got the Ecosse Producer coax, which is highly rated and cost £35, but I did need 4 metres!! But this was probably cheaper than going to a dealer anyway.

Also I must agree about DTS in that it does have a slight edge on DD 5.1, just get the DTS only DVD of 'Saving Private Ryan' and you will see what I mean!!

Hope this helps.

hi i just got my 4200 a week past wed. also got the tannoy mx speaker package from http://www.petertyson.co.uk/ for £200. the tannoy mxc speaker is really good, crisp and clear. shop around and you can get for around £50-70. I got a qed coaxial cable for £25 from a local hifi store and some qed speaker cable @ £2.50 p/m.

not listned to much music but so far prefer 5.1 stereo to dplII although the football commentary on the radio sounds better in dplII - i think perhaps because radio scotland, or rather bbc radio as a whole broadcast in "surround" sound and radio 1 sound a bit ott at times! can you get the rds data on th elcd panel, i cant seem to get mine on i.e. program type, radio station etc. what controller did you get with yours?
i got the sr5200 controller, which just shows me what features i'm missing - a marketing ploy to upgrade perhaps?

the amp sounds cool though, got private ryan, T2, rock in rio and BTTF trilogy in DTS and they sound so diff in DTS, a lot crisper and more detail. At the start of Ryan my girlfriend said "is almost as if we're there!" first time we experienced DTS. my mate has a sony amp and mission speakers - the difference between dd and dts is less noticeable on his system though, i did consider the mission speaker package as well as the kefs (which can be had quite cheaply now) but felt the tannoys to be clearer and punchier used with the 4200. was actually surprised at how different speakers sounded and what difference they can make.

also DPLII is a mixed bag i think, on some programs like the simpsons or millenium it sounds better than DPL but on a lot of stuff i dont think there is much difference, none with mono soundtracks which dolby themselves claimed would sound better, i was gonna choose the sony 1040 over the 4200 and if dplII was the deciding factor i would not have been happy, fortunately though in my opinion the 4200 sounds better overall - even with the sonys ex features. in other words i'm glad i chose over sound rather than features.

hope you enjoy youre new amp as i am

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