Just got a iphone cant seem to get it going thou


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Ok bought a refurbished iphone from 02. got it today and charged it then put my 02 sim card in it from my old phone.

When I put the sim in it just says no service + the screen is locked and will only let me make emergency calls and I cant change any settings etc.

Any ideas on what the problem might be ?


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How much did you get your refurbished phone from 02 for? Did you just call them and ask to buy one or have you got it on a contract?




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How did you buy this? I've just called up twice and spoken to different people on the different button options and have been told they dont sell refurbished phones of any make.


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I all ready had a contract with them on my N95 phone. I spoke to some one I have spoken to a few times before and they let me buy a Iphone refurbished for £97 delivered.

Got it next day


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Cant remember mate, I just complained my phone wasn't working and wasn't happy and wanted a new phone. and asked about the iphone and a woman said you can have refurbished for £97!

I have had my N95 for 8 months as well. I got a great result

( my N95 worked perfect, but I really wanted the iphone)

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Hey, Clifton. Would you be able to get me a refurbished one without a contract? I'll give you something if you can. :D

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