Just Friends


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Highly recommended, nearly split my sides laughing :rotfl: :thumbsup:

no point in explaining the film in any detail, it just has some very funy moments :D

plot has been done before, you will know the outcome, but it's so funny it does'nt matter :smashin:


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i thought i was alone in finding this funny. i didn't especially want to go and see it, but ended up laughing all the way through it. I'd recommend it too.


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i really found ryan reynolds funny in blade trinity, another one that is rather funny is "waiting".

i'm hoping he does many more comedies, he rates up there with seann william scott imo :thumbsup:


Yeah I enjoyed this, and as I just stated on the Waiting thread, Anna Faris is just plain awesome.

I was expecting a bad romantic comedy with this, I was suprised that it actually has good jokes in it.

Reynolds is alot better than Sean William Scott IMO, Scott is only ever good at playing stupid assholes. I think Reynolds has a bit more variety in him than that.


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yes, but SWS makes us guys look good when we take a date to see a flick featuring him :smashin:

seriously though, i like his stupidness :D

will check out the other thread :smashin:

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