Just found out my new Surround Sound System has no optical input.. help!




I've just brought myself a Samsung surround sound system. It's the first time I've got one and I was initially very chuffed. Sound and quality all excelent.

My worry has come when I've gone to plug my PS2 into it. The PS2 only has an optical output but the back of the DVD player/amp does not. It has the L/R connection which I have plugged into my sky but there isn't one on the PS2. I'm told the PS3 is the same.

What solutions do I have? The only option I can think of is to go out and buy myself an AMP which will have an optical input on it. I was looking to add to my hardware collection at some stage so an amp would always have been on the cards, but not so early. It's also a lot of money to spend just to be able to plug a games console in.

Also if an amp is the only option, what kind of price range am I looking at?

Any ideas? Help would be much appreciated.


the only other option is the L/R, or HDMI (for PS3), so you may have to put up with it, or swap when you want, or buy an Amp.



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If it has a coax input you could get an optical to coax convertor for about a tenner (or may be a better idea to pay a bit more for one that switches between multiple optical inputs if there's only one coax).

What model is it?


It's the SAMSUNG HTTQ25.

Bad research on my part unfortunately. If has no optical in, no coax in and seeminly the HDMI and scart are only outputs.

Unless anybody has a good idea it looks like I'm going to have to buy an amp which will be an expensive solution!

Not all that impresses with the connectivity of this system which is unfortunate considering the sound quality.


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Like most other "all in one" systems of its type, it doesn't really have any external connectivity.

If you have upgraded from in-built TV speakers to this, then it probably does sound good but a savvy choice of amp and speakers from somewhere like Richer Sounds can sound in a different league without spending a lot more.

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