Just found a Nice HCPC. And will a Intel Celeron 2.8GHz be able to run a HCPC ok


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Guys do you think that a Intel Celeron 2.8GHz will be ok to use as the cpu for a HCPC unit thnaks

PS look @ this HCPC






Ultimate CPU power is not really critical in a HTPC so your Celery should be fine.

Where did you come by the case BTW?


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Originally posted by GrahamC
Its a bare bones system not just a case. :smoke:
Yer i know

the case is called

Processor Intel Socket 478 Nothwood

Up to P4/Celeron 2.4 GHz

Memory PC2700/2100 DDR 333/266 up to 2GB
2 DIMM slots

Motherboard P4SQ(proprietary)

SiS 651/962L Chipsets

FSB 533/400MHz

Graphics SiS 315 3D graphic integrated

64MB shared memory architecture

Support VGA, DVI-D, HDTV, S-Video

Audio AC97 SW audio, 6 channel codec

S/PDIF audio output

Audio DJ play buttons

Audio CD/MP3 playback

FM radio studio

TV-tuner Time-shifting, Pre-schedule recording

S-Video TV-out

HDTV 1080i, 720i, 525i

Mini PCI Interface

Lan 1 * 10/100 Mbps

1 * Gigabps

1 * Wireless 802.11b WiFi

Mini PCI Interface

7-in-1 Memory Card Reader Compact Flash Type I/II, Microdrive

Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro

Secure Digital, MultiMedia Card

Smart Media Card

IDE 2 * UltraDMA 133/100/66

1 * 3.5 HDD

1 * Slim type ODD

Front I/O USB 2.0 *4, IEEE1394 *2(4pin, 6pin)

S/PDIF-out *1, MIC phone *1, Head phone *1

7-in-1 memory card reader

802.11b wireless antenna

LED Module Display

IR receiver for Remote Control

Audio DJ play buttons, Volume control knob

Slim type ODD *1

Power button

Rear I/O USB 2.0 *4

PS/2 KB, PS/2 Mouse

VGA, DVI-out

S-Video TV-out, HDTV-out


RJ45 *2 (1* 10/100Mbps, 1 * 1Gbps)


6 channel audio out

FM studio antenna

Dimension 285(W)*53(H)*290(D)mm


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just found a site that sells this unit @ £287.88


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I would worry about the video and sound more than the CPU, although obviously WMV-HD is going to be out of the question.


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This looks great to me. For me, the only thing lacking is the ability to add a Nebula card, which I assume wouldn't fit.

I am also confused as to what is included in a barebones system, and what needs to be added on top. I guess you must add your own CPU, memory, hard drive, and cd/dvd.

I am also confused as to how they have managed to get HTDV resolutions (1080i), without the aid of a radeon and powerstrip.

I bet the show-preview, scheduling is designed for US schedules only.


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Originally posted by Jeff
I would worry about the video and sound more than the CPU, although obviously WMV-HD is going to be out of the question.
Why ?
The video yes maybe but from what i read it should be ok:smashin:
But sound no becouse ure amp will do all the work i think so that should be cool i may be wroung as i not uset a hcpc befor


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Just because you are feeding digital sound to an amp it doesn't mean it will be unaffected quality wise. It may also have compatibilty issues making it unsuiteble for DVD playback. Then again it may be fine.


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haw would it unsuiteble for DVD playback thats the hole ider of it ??
Not trying to say ure wroung just asking as i dont know
all so why would it have compatibilty issues when its spif fout ??
My ps2 sound nice useing the spiff out


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Lots of sound cards have issues with DVD playback with spdif, you can get things like lip sync problems (up to 5 seconds), video stutter caused by the sound card, no sound at all, sound drop outs... The difference here is that if the build in one suffers from any of these, you can't swap a card out. I suppose USB devices are still an option.


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I have to say my current HTPC has just the very problem when attempting to play a DVD disc from within the DVD drive !! (Movies played from hard drive are fine) my Tag processor keeps flashing up with the 'mute' led ........ and stuttering as though there's something trying to get through but it can't understand what it is or can't get a lock on the signal :confused:

Sound card is a M-Audio 24/96 (don't swear) SPDIF output to Tag.

Any ideas ???


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Hmm, if it works fine from the hard disk it points to a problem with the DVD drive, is DMA definately enabled? What make is it?


I have just bought a Digimatrix - my first ever Wintel PC. It's small, quiet and cheap and has gigabit ethernet, wireless and SPDIF, takes camera cards, firewire for about £100 more than the cheapest PC's in PCWorld. But the HTPC software is pretty grim, and I can't make it drive the Pioneer 433 properly - the picture is always either stretched or letterboxed. I've tried DVI and VGA. From what I hear, component PQ isn't too good but that's the remaining option.

I'd be interested in coming up with solutions to the problems of this very attractive but flawed machines. Is anyone else using one, and what have they learned.

I'd be willing to put up a web site to collect folklore/unanswered questions about the digimatrix if there is interest.

My one: DVD/CDRW 80G Seagate, 512M PC2100 (pulled from my over-stocked Mac), Celeron 2.4G, Win XPP. Cost about £380+VAT & delivery. (excl RAM but incl XPP license)


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Hi can we see some pics of it m8 ??.



Looks identical to the one so well photographed in the first post on this thread. It's about 2 inches tall and eleven inches wide - much smaller than most DVD players or VCRs, let alone PC's.

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