Just finished server, which mp3 software to use?


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Hi all,

I have just built and installed the software on my new server (in fact my first and only server!):clap:

I`m using SME Server, and wow it was easy to set up......

I primarily am going to use this for serving mp3`s around the house, to my x-box, pc and laptop.

What I want to know is what software is the best for ripping mp3`s from cd`s to store on my server and also what is best for playing them back? Is there one package that will do it all, or will I need to seperate packages?

Thought i`d ask first before i make a complete cock-up of it ;)

Many thanks in advance



I use EAC with Lame, plenty of guides in the links section of the EAC site. :)


I didnt know there was a linux version of EAC...you did say it was sme server :cool:

Generally, I would say go to www.freshmeat.net.
I am pretty sure you will find tool you need. I remember setting up a linux server with a php web based frontend to dynamically generate playlists and serve mp3 files to the rest of the house, but for the life of me the name slips my mind, but i do know I got it off freshmeant.net


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thanks for your replies,

I`m only using the server for holding the files, and setting the drives up as network drives on my pc`s.
so i only need a windows based mp3 program , something like i-tunes, winamp etc.


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