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Just discovered the opposite of [explicit] lyrics


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I just bought a Johnny Cash album on Amazon and discovered that the downloaded MP3s have [clean] tagged all over them, and thought that initially the audio had been cleaned up to get rid of pops and clicks, etc.

Should've realised. I already have albums marked [explicit] so I was used to that, but then I figured, this is Johnny Cash, he tells interesting stories with local slang in his songs, so what has he sung that's so offensive?

How about "A Boy Named Sue"?

Didn't know about the bad language in that, it seems possibly his most famous song is also controversial, having been BLEEPED out by censors back in the 60s! I think the insult involves the words "son" and "bitch".

I was rather annoyed at this at first, but it seems an uncensored version is hard to find, but I think it's the manner in which the BLEEP occurs that's so bad, it just takes you out of the song, or it did me, on my first hearing of it. It's so jarring: BEEEEEEEEP.

But then again, it's the only song bleeped out (then again, the only song to have rude words) and I really liked the album a lot as it was - there's the song about Vietnam that I actually applauded, not to mention The Man in Black.

Johnny Cash is an inspiration, but the censors aren't. Oh well, I'll just treat the BLEEP like a novelty, now that I know what's said.


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I wouldn't know, there's no gangsta rap in my 1000+ CD's, but plenty of other's with swearing ranging in styles from Rage against the machine to Lily Allen.

All I'm saying is that I'm not aware of any censorship in my collection, so I shouldn't really be in here. :)

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